We Create Awesomeness!

We are Powered by Caffeine,
but Driven by Integrity.
Every great advance in
science has issued from a
new audacity of
As a small
agency, we have
a greater ability to
give you exactly
what you need with
the personal service
you deserve
We design with balance and reserve.
Each elements necessary, none of
them to excess. Our designs are always
thougtful, useful, and interactive.
Need a change, but not sure what?
We can figure that out.

Let's create awesomeness together!
Perfect for blogging, portfolios, events, travel,
and whatever you're thinking right now

A small digital agency
specialized in Creating
and Fixing Websites.

125mg Design offers
a full range of online
and offline design services.

Let us help grow your business.

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We are design adventurers, always looking to create "outside the box" for our clients.

We realize sometimes your ideas aren't as grand as that, but it doesn't stop us from trying to stretch the limits. We always strive to create a site that will make you feel like a proud parent. We want to give you a website that you want to tell people about and want to show off.

You need to think of your business as a first date with your audience/potential client. Your website is your outfit and accessories you are wearing. You always want to make a great first impression on your date, right? Your business is the same way. Why not provide your company with the best outfit for the money? Let us think "outside the box" for you.



Some graphic firms are powered by Red Bull or Monster drinks. We are powered by pure CAFFEINE!


Our creative work is driven by our superior work ethic. We can sleep at night knowing that we gave 110% for our clients.


Creating a website for you means that we are creating a website for us. We know your reputation is on the line and so is ours.

Our Skills

Simple. We have skills and we can do/create anything you throw at us.


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Ryan Walden

Owner/Creative Director

  • 917.543.3621

I am your point person for your website design. We will work together to create an awesome website that you will want to showoff to people. I can't wait to work with you.

Can we start now?

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